The cases of severe visual impairments are on the rise. Over 2.5 billion people lack access to proper eye care, and this situation is worse in the rural and semi-rural areas of developing and under-developed countries.

In the ocular healthcare sector, there is a dearth of low-cost and easy to use equipment that semi-trained medical professionals can operate for the preliminary diagnosis of eye ailments in patients.


People lack access to proper eye care


Suffering from ocular health issues

USD 22,500,000,000

Cost of treating visual impairments

Dependency on expensive and bulky equipment, which cannot be carried outside hospitals, and need for advanced and specialized training for using that equipment has inhibited eye patients in the rural and semi-rural areas from access to good eye care. It is only until the ailment becomes severe; most patients do not get access to good eye care. This has been the case so far, but not anymore!

Medzak Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. introduces a low-cost, portable, and non-invasive device for diagnosing a spectrum of ocular diseases. Named as, MeiboX, it is a multi-use smart eyecare diagnostic solution that can detect nine different ocular diseases, features and abnormalities with its unique inbuilt 4 in 1 integrated modules.

MeiboX carries a customized imagining module, which has been designed by our team of experts, for high precision medical imaging applications.

Furthermore, a novel state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software program has been developed for the automatic detection of ocular diseases.

The software program runs on a highly advanced computing platform, that has been customized for our exceedingly specialized application.

Supported by rigorous clinical studies and fortified with patented technologies, it guarantees both safety and unparalleled accuracy in ocular diagnosis. This futuristic solution is going to revolutionize the ocular healthcare sector.

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