Why Us

Led by researchers in the field of Medical and Electronics, Medzak has a great team of specialized experts who have been passionately working for the past several years on developing highly accurate and precise ocular healthcare devices.

Founded in 2018, Medzak started with a mission as a medical device company to build the first-ever miniaturized and integrated imaging system with high-end optics and cutting edge AI software program that runs on a powerful computing platform to diagnose different eye diseases, abnormalities, and features.

We have been supported by clinicians, healthcare professionals, hospitals, and other medical experts, who have expressed immense faith in our technology

Our Mission

To create innovative solutions that enhance human well-being through accessible, user-friendly, portable technologies. We are committed to developing sustainable products that foster health and accessibility through AI & deep tech solutions.

Our Vision

We envision a future where innovative solutions empower communities in remote and underdeveloped areas to thrive with quality healthcare technologies at affordable cost.

Our Solution

Portable AI based advanced deep tech solutions to non-invasively diagnose surface ailments using advanced imaging techniques.